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Well I guess you can have funny things happen even during a tragic time of war.

Taken from Dan's blog:

A Strange Patrol

I know some of the stories that I tell are a bit odd, but this one has to be one of the top. We were heading out of the base camp, going downtown Tikrit. Suddenly, a urgent message comes in over my Blue Force Tracker (Kind of like an instant message). It tells me that there is and IED on the route that I wanted to take downtown on the Z cut. Based on this, I decided to reroute our convoy around that section of the roadway. The alternate route has us approaching the IED site from the North, the veering off to the East in order to avoid the cordon around it. As we approached, I told my crews to keep and eye out for anything suspicious. Seeing as the area we were traveling through would be a good vantage point for any triggerman to detonate his IED on a passing convoy. As we crested a hill and began heading south, I noticed a car parked behind a small blown up building directly to our front. Where the car was parked, had it masked from the IED site. Also of note was that this area is almost never traveled by Coalition Forces and is there are no occupied structures around. I thought this to be a bit strange so I decided to check it out.

We quickly pulled up and boxed in the car so it could not speed away. I dismounted with my assault team and we raised our weapons towards the car, yelling for ay occupants to come out. The rear windows were tinted, so we could not see clearly inside, but there was movement. After a few moments, the door popped open and a Iraqi male came out adjusting his closes.

"Iraqi Army!" he yelled as he pulled out an ID Card from his pocket. SFC Hall began to search him, as I took another team around the back of the building to clear. After an initial search, all seemed clear. We went back to the car and asked what he was doing out here. With a slightly embarrassed look he pointed down towards his pants. "What the hell are you talking about?" SFC Hall asked.

            By this time we were all a bit perplexed, so we ordered him to open the doors of the car. All became clear as he opened the back door, where we discovered a young Iraqi woman trying to put all of her clothes back on…..

OOooooohhhhh, sorry about that……

            So anyway, we all began to laugh out loud and gave him the thumbs up as we handed him his ID Card back. He waved back to us as we entered our HMMWVV's and he climbed back into the backseat of the car.

            Well it didn't take long for this story to get out at the Brigade, and now were are being called the "Sex Patrol". Stamping out Muslim indiscretions around Tikrit…..
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